Ancor Professional Upholstery Inc.


Founded: 2002

Owner: Efrain Padilla

Certifications: Merchant Verified and

BBB Approved

Areas of expertise: Upholstery, repair furniture, re-upholstery, antique & modern furniture, structure new furniture, refinishing & restyling, furniture restoration, slip covers, upholstery design, custom,

automobile, marine, restaurant, bar, lounge, theater, commercial, industrial upholstery, furniture manufacturing, and paneling upholstering     

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Midway Airport in Chicago                                   Wrigley Field Suit Section               Upholstery                                                            Upholstery

Marisol Maldonado (FIS Manager)                            Patrick Meenan          

5757 S Cicero Ave.                                                 1060 W. Addison St.

Chicago IL, 60638                                                  Chicago IL. 60613

773.948.6638                                                        773.404.2827                                             


Company Profile

Color, texture, furnishings, modern, antique – details like these can transform a room, making you feel like a new person whenever you’re in it. 


At Ancor, our goal is to help you become the person you aspire to be. Traditional or Boho? Gothic or Art Deco? We’ll guide you through the decisions, providing fresh options and then stand back while you choose your favorites. We pull it all together into a home or office design that is beautiful, functional and uniquely yours. Ancor supervises the entire project to finish.

Ancor Professional Upholstery Inc.

Persistence to innovation and precision. Design it your way! wE CAN ASSIST!

Fairmont  Chicago Millennium Park                     Club Quarter

Upholstery                                                            Upholstery

Kenneth Hall (Hotel Manager)                                Paul (Hotel Manager)

312.565.6647                                                        Club Quater, Central Loop

200 N Columbus Dr.                                               111 West Adams Street

Chicago IL, 60601                                                  Chicago IL 60603

The Chicago Theather                                      Guaranteed Rate Field                         Upholstery                                                       Upholstery

Keith Chaseley                                                  Michael J. Ruff

175 N State St                                                  333 W. 35th St.

Chicago IL, 60601                                             Chicago IL, 60616

312.462.6300                                                   312.674.5202

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